Kitchen Painting Ideas

Kitchen Painting Ideas

Painting Ideas and Tips

Kitchen painting ideas will help transforming your kitchen into a great family meeting ground!  Details, such a color change can make a huge difference!

Having a new looking kitchen with a great feeling is uplifting and easy to achieve just by changing the colors. What is not so easy is figure out what color to choose!  Think at the kitchen as the place you spend a lot of time. Especially if you are the designated family chef… While this is a great honor, it is coming with a big responsibility! Well, in a pretty kitchen with fresh, invigorating colors you achieve your mission as a full time chef with more enthusiasm.  You can either paint it yourself or get a professional painting company to paint your kitchen.

You probably already know that colors can influence your mood. Yes, colors are powerful: can be relaxing or stimulating for you!

Warm colors  – red, yellow and orange are stimulating. Even more, they will increase your appetite!

The opposite is happening when you are using the ‘cooler’ ones: green, blue, violet and indigo. This colors will help you relax and eventually decreasing your appetite.

This fact is quite interesting and useful to know. It is something to consider before selecting through your favorite kitchen painting ideas. For sure you know if you need to relax a bit more or if you need an energy boost, to help you with the kitchen chores. Sometimes it is good to have a little bit of both.

Kitchen Painting Brainstorming:

  • One of the best places to find kitchen painting ideas is to observe some local restaurants. When you find a restaurant that seems very welcoming for you, make notes! Check the colors and choose similar for your kitchen, if your home color scheme is permitting. Just keep in mind that the colors used the most are warm, to increase the appetite
  • Visit more than one restaurant to get different kitchen paining ideas. Don’t forget completely the cool colors! They are helping you to relax and create the right mood. Again, balance is everything. It is always good to make a conscious choice, don’t you think?
  • Ask your local Waco painting contractor for ideas as well.
  • Consider more than one color for the walls if your kitchen has similar color for cabinets, floor and appliances. A progression of colors is working well
  • Try to paint the kitchen cabinets in a bold color, for an unique look
  • Choose beautiful tiles and use them to create trendy designs, eventually matching the floors with the walls. Paint the cabinets with a complimentary color, while keeping everything else simple
  • Dare to use contrasts: deeper tones for the floors and walls and lighter for the cabinets and appliances
  • Use spotlights and lights under the cabinets. You can always add a dramatic touch just by playing with the lights and shadows
  • Paint and install small shelves and add some candles. All colors will get softer and your kitchen will feel cozier too
  • Paint some kitchen decoration or accessories to match the color of the kitchen walls (or cabinets, etc)
  • When it comes to select your kitchen colors, your mantra is ‘coordinate’. Eliminate the shades that are not going well with the rest of colors you have in your home, even if you like them. It is a necessary sacrifice! After you  are clear what to avoid, go ahead and choose your best kitchen painting ideas.

The Best Colors for Your Kitchen:

The best colors and the best kitchen painting ideas are the ones that are coordinating well with the rest of your house. This way you create the idea of continuity and unify your home through color.

Yellow is a top choice for Kansas City professional painting companies. All shades of yellow, from warm – pale, lemon and butter to brighter shades, in Mexican style are inspiring, warming and uplifting. Use it when your kitchen is either small or not very bright. On the other hand, yellow is stimulating vitality and sense of personal power.

Orange will make you fell happy. Well, at least, happier! Orange governs the Sacral Chakra. Happiness, confidence, resourcefulness – all can be enhanced by the color orange. You are  bringing a little sunshine in your home! During the cold seasons, will give you a mood lift… Try peach, terracotta, pumpkin or rust

Red: From darker, almost brown, to brick and dusty rose, red is an energy buster. Definitely, won’t go unnoticed. Associated with the Sacral Chakra, red will ground and inspire you vitality, courage and self-confidence. You can use these qualities even when you are in your own kitchen, don’t you think?

Neutrals are great when you have bold colors for cabinets, appliances or other decors – will help blending other colors. Also, use them for very small kitchens, where bold or intense colors will be too much.

What Kind of Lighting System Do You Have?

Before making your final selections and deciding over your kitchen painting ideas, remember that the type of light you have in your kitchen will modify the colors – for good or… not really! Check this before you are making your final selection. Review your lighting plan and decide if this will work with you or against.

  • See if the lights you already have, or will have, will compliment the colors you consider
  • Decide upon the desired effect: energizing or relaxing, and chose the shades accordingly
  • Verify the textures! Cabinet textures, floors, glossy or flat paint; all will modify the way the light is reflected Therefore, the color might look darker or lighter than expected
  • When trying to match the wall paint with the cabinets, remember the texture. Same color on different texture will look different. You can try a shade lighter, or darker and the result will be more rewarding
  • Consider more than one color for the walls if your kitchen has similar color for cabinets, floor and appliances.
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